by Kendra Leigh Castle

May 2009
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Mass Market Paperback

Catriona MacInnes and her sisters, Skye and Poppy, are untrained arukhins (werewolves). Their dad is finally allowing them to explore their roots by taking them to the MacInnes gathering in the highlands of Scotland. Cat and her sisters have always tried to pretend to be normal, which is what their father wanted. However, it is impossible to be normal when your father is a werewolf and your mother is a witch. When she lays eyes on Bastian the Wolf she awakens a passion she has never felt in her life.

Bastian an Morgaine is the descendant of blood drinking sorceresses and powerful ice mages. However, he is guarding a secret that is slowly eating away at his soul. A narial, a soul sucker, is after him and have devoured his father and his ancestors. Anyone that gets close to him is in grave danger and he has been able to distance himself from everyone until he meets Cat.

One night Catriona and Bastian meet and they unknowingly bind themselves to each other for life. This opens the door to daemons, dragons, and past grudges.

Kendra Leigh Castle writes a adventurous, romantic story about two people who find each other under unusual circumstances. This story is both touching and funny. When I was finished, I felt like I had been fed a wonderful meal.

Reviewed in April 2009 by Lakisha.

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