by Jean Johnson

April 2009
ISBN: 978-0-425-22594-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Nightfall Island

The youngest and most powerful of the Corvis siblings, better known as the Sons of Destiny, Lord Morganen, can now bring his out world love, Hope O’Niell through his magic scrying glass. Morg has been waiting patiently all these months as his elder brothers pursued and married their loves, just as the ancient prophesy foretold eons ago in a song. Hope is Morg’s eldest brother’s wife Kelly’s best friend from Kelly’s former dimension on earth. Being able to only see Hope through the special mirror and communicating with her by writing on a board in her kitchen, gave new meaning to long distance relationship. Now his Hope was here, and Morg gets a surprise when Hope’s first words are that she is finally home!!!

Duchess Haupanea, the last ruler of Nightfall Island, disappeared over two hundred years ago. Swept away through a portal to another dimension in the Midwest area of the land known as the “United States of America,” Nea found she was alone in a world she had to quickly adapt to or she would not survive. Assuming the life of a woman killed in the same tornado that Nea came through, Haupanea now was Hope O’Niell. For five years Hope kept her secret, then her best friend, Kelly, who everyone had thought died in a fire, came back with her new husband Saber from Hope’s home! Hope’s blossoming love with The Mage Morganen of Nightfall is the final verse of the Song of Destiny!

The eighth and last of Jean Johnson’s imaginative Sons of Destiny series culminates with youngest brother Morganen in The Mage. The Mage isn’t so much a romance story as Morg’s relationship with Hope takes a back seat to the continuing battle the Nightfallers have with their former land of Katan and the bureaucrats who want to sabotage their efforts of independence at every turn! Plus, once again Queen Kelly seems to steal everyone's thunder. Followers of this series will want to ride out the tediousness of this book for the saga’s conclusion by reading The Mage.

Reviewed in March 2009 by Bonnie.

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