by Annette Blair

February 2009
ISBN: 978-0-425-22649-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Middle triplet Destiny Cartwright is the only remaining bachelorette of her family. Her two sisters are now happily married. Instead of following them to Scotland however, Destiny has decided to stay at her sister’s lighthouse and try to find her psychic destiny. Unfortunately what she finds is trouble in the form of two ghosts and an angel, and oh yeah, the very sexy and very frustrating Morgan Jarvis, resident psychic debunker.

Morgan has arrived at the lighthouse for some peace and quiet and to try to put his lust for Destiny to rest. Only, he definitely cannot do that with her looking sexy and mysterious in his soon to be purchased lighthouse. Problem is, the water boat is not coming yet so Morgan is “stuck” with the subject of his fantasies. It would not be so bad if she did not keep insisting that she sees his dead sister, Meggie.

As the heat builds between them, so do the odd coincidences. Destiny may never have visited this lighthouse before but she definitely knows a lot about Morgan and his background. Is there more to this psychic witch than meets the eye, and is Morgan willing to give her a chance?

Morgan and Destiny are quite the pair: the sexy witch and the taciturn nonbeliever. However, Annette Blair does a good job of moving them past their differences and giving them a cause, and a person, to unite behind. Meggie does more for Morgan than perhaps she realizes as a ghost. She gives him hope, and the opportunity to truly trust in Destiny.

The only really bothersome aspect of this story is the rather silly and overblown use of purple prose for the love scenes. It really took my enjoyment in this relationship down a notch. Annette Blair uses humor quite effectively, but she also uses cutesy sex terms ineffectively.

Nonetheless, Never Been Witched proved to be a satisfying ending for the Cartwright triplets. Even better, Ms. Blair kept the focus on these characters, rather than overstocking the story with past characters. There is a lot of humor and genuine relationship building to be found in this story, if one can look past the rather cheesy intimate terms.

Reviewed in March 2009 by Sarah.

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