by Treva Harte

March 2003
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No Time to Dream by Treva Harte, was a poignant and richly satisfying read about unrequited love and the joy of discovering someone who has been waiting just around the bend.

Jennifer is a single mother and a paralegal in a law firm where she works with a childhood friend, Jack. Jen keeps herself isolated, surrounding herself with only her family and her young daughter. Jen suffered painful losses when first her parents died and then her boyfriend Victor went missing while on an overseas assignment. Since that time sheís dreamt of him, vividly, and keeps the hope alive that heíll return and resume a life with her and their daughter. Until Jack Logan, a longtime friend makes his intentions clear, he wants Jen!

Jack Logan is an attorney and Jenís missing boyfriend, Victor's, best friend. Victor and Jack not only loved Jen, but her family too. Now that Victor has been gone for two years, Jack canít deny the desire heís harbored for Jen - trouble is he has to convince Jen.

Jen find herself faced with more than one dilemma; can she let Victorís memory go? Can she feel more for Jack than just lust with a little friendship on the side? What happened to Victor, and will he ever return?

Ms. Harte is an expert in the art of pacing, feeding you morsels of information, then mixing them together to whip up a batch of story. This reader was always left hanging on from paragraph to paragraph, waiting for the next turn to be revealed. The author is also an expert at creating an Alpha male. Jackís personality is layered with a multitude of facets. Heís tender, aggressive, domineering and virile, all in one hot package! Even when heís pushy itís done with love and purpose, and always with the best of intentions.

Alpha males like Jack tend to overwhelm most heroines, but not Jen! While sheís fully willing to allow Jack control over some emotional issues, she never lets him forget that she has a brain and knows how to use it. The battles they wage - Jen over falling for a man who has been primarily a friend in the course of her young life, and Jack over his distant childhood - made for some interesting discussions. (And some interesting non-discussion when they grappled with their deepest issues.) They turned to one another for comfort and had plenty of hot sex in the process! The subject was intense, but dealt with in portions, bringing the couple together slowly with emotional subtlety.

This was terrific, and thatís all this reader has left to say. That, and to highly recommend that you pop over to Elloraís Cave and buy the book!

Reviewed in March 2003 by Connie.

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