by Lisa Jackson

April 2003
ISBN: 0-451-20829-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Impostress starts when two sisters exchange places for a wedding. Itís only supposed to be for one night, but something goes wrong, and the bride isnít who sheís supposed to be. Kiera and Elyn are sisters. Elyn is selfish, impulsive, and madly in love with a man already engaged to be married to someone else. Kiera is the second daughter Ė sheís gentle and kind. But one day Kiera takes her fatherís horse out despite orders to the contrary and sheís thrown. Injured, she meets up with a ruffian who tries to rape her. Luckily, her sister saves her life. Kiera swears that if Elyn ever needs a favor, she will do it. Elyn therefore asks her to stand in for her wedding to a man sheís never met, while she goes to say goodbye to her true love, Brock. So, armed with a flacon of sleeping draught so she wonít have to make love to the tricked groom, Kiera stands in for Elyn (they look just alike) and marries Lord Kelen. Trouble is, the sleeping draught doesnít work and Kiera finds herself swept away in passion in her sisterís supposed husbandís arms. But when she wakes up, her sister isnít back, and she must hide from everyone in order to keep her sisterís secret. Meanwhile, sheís stuck playing Kelenís bride.

Confused yet? Well, you will be. This story should have been at least two hundred pages longer. Itís written at a break-neck pace, with no time to develop or for the reader to reflect, enjoy, savor or get to know the characters.

Impostress takes the reader on an extremely tangled tale of love and forgiveness in the Middle Ages. As for historical detail, aside for a few references to castles and stables, donít expect to find yourself in any sort of recognizable place in time. Of course, this is a romance tale, but as a romance, it falls flat too. Aside the very hot love scenes (I adored the love scenes) the characters donít get to know each other, and their relationship seems based on the fact that they are good in bed together. Otherwise, Kiera spends her time hiding from everyone because her wayward sister has vanished.

The things I didnít like about this book are many, starting with the beginning, where the Ďniceí sister has woken up after a fall from a horse. We never understand why she was there in the first place, or how her sister comes to rescue her. The characters are very two dimensional, and I never got close to any one of them. The hero is mostly sleeping (Kiera keeps putting him to sleep with draughts of potion) and Elyn is running after a man engaged to be married. Kiera is in tears most of the book, or having incredible sex with her sisterís husband-to-be. The writing was too rushed and there was no pacing. In short, I was very disappointed with this book. If you love Lisa Jackson, you might enjoy it, but I recommend borrowing it from the library first.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Jennifer.

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