by Jodi Thomas

April 2009
ISBN: 978-0-425-22694-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Die hard fans of Jodi Thomas are probably going to lament the fact that her newest title Rewriting Monday is not a historical, but since I’m sure that there are many readers like me who mostly read contemporary romances we’re jumping for joy that Rewriting Monday is not only contemporary in nature, but set in a small town near Twisted Creek which was a place we loved visiting.

Pepper Malone had a non traditional childhood after her father died. Her mother sort of drifted, and this has made Pepper be somewhat rootless. She thought she was finally where she belonged when she landed in Chicago and was a star reporter for a paper there. Unfortunately for Pepper her relationship with Donny Hatcher ended not only badly for her personally but professionally as well.

Now she is on the run. She has little money in her pocket and little hope for her future. As she finds herself in the small town of Bailee she truly begins to wonder if this is the best she can hope for. When Lorie, the woman who owns the local bakery encourages her to apply for a job with the Bailee Bugle Pepper sees it as just one more step toward running away instead of as a possible step in finally finding her place in life.

Mike McCulloch is the owner and editor of the Bailee Bugle. It wasn’t how he saw his future laid out, but his pride in the paper is obvious and the care he takes of his orphaned niece is terrific. Bailee and the paper are his, and no matter what the threat of danger may or may not be he’s not going to back down on protecting what he sees as his…including the lives of his niece, Morgan and Pepper his new ace reporter.

Pepper’s arrival at the paper brings many changes and not all of them good. Suddenly there’s danger lurking at every corner. Is it aimed at Pepper because of the story she printed before leaving Chicago, or is it aimed for some unknown reason at Mike?

Ms. Thomas has again penned a story that will keep readers turning pages. There are characters you love to hate, and characters you love to love. Ms. Thomas gives her secondary characters wonderful personalities and as readers you want them to also get their stories and their potential happily ever after.

I was told that Rewriting Monday was a sequel to Twisted Creek. I personally enjoyed the reference to Twisted Creek but believe Rewriting Monday to be a terrific stand alone book. I do however hope that now we get yet another story set in the same general area of Texas, and perhaps merging the two towns.

Reviewed in April 2009 by Sandi.

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