by G. A. Aiken

December 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0374-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Talaith a Nolwenn witch by birth was having a really bad day. The villagers she has lived amongst for the past sixteen years were going to lynch and burn her, (could they not make up their minds?) with her husband leading the angry mob! Just when Talaith is about to lose consciousness, she spots the huge blonde handsome knight who had boldly propositioned her yesterday. Her wits must be scattering from the lack of oxygen the noose around her neck is causing, the knight just turned into a gigantic fire breathing golden dragon, complete with humongous fangs and horns on his head!

Briec the Mighty had been dispatched by his older brother’s human mate, warrior queen Annwyl, to spy on the land of Lord Hamish to find out when that despicable slime ball would attack. Dragon Briec cannot understand what his kin find so fascinating about humans other then they are a tasty meal now and then. Overall they are annoying especially the females of their kind. But when Briec spots the luscious witch Talaith in the village he begins to get a better grasp on what his siblings are talking about. Briec must have this sharp tongued wench! Rescuing her will mean shifting into his dragon form, and after flying his new possession (dragon law proclaims Talaith now his property) to safety Briec is stunned to learn she is anything but grateful! Does the witch never shut-up? Talaith is in for an erotic experience she will desire again and again when she learns all About a Dragon!

About a Dragon the second in G.A. Aiken’s dragon kin series is absolutely flawless from start to finish. I was laughing out loud at the antics of Briec and his dysfunctional dragon family. Briec may be obnoxious, hot headed, (well wouldn’t you be if you breathed fire?), and arrogant, but the guy really knows how to pleasure his woman! Talaith is no demure damsel in distress (a salute to the book’s original title). She gets over her dragon fear quickly and is soon matching wits, words and passion with Briec. Like the warrior women in this fanciful tale, About a Dragon kicks butt!

Reviewed in April 2009 by Bonnie.

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