by Diana Cosby

December 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0109-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Southern Scotland, 1297

It had been three years since a week before they were to wed Sir Duncan MacGruder’s betrothed Lady Isabel Adair had spurned him to become his worst enemy’s mistress, citing wealth and power as her reasons. Now her brother Symon lay dying in Duncan’s arms begging him to promise that he would go to Isabel’s rescue. Symon gasps out that Isabel had met secretly with Symon and their father at a hidden cottage. Doing so with suspected rebels she had defied her lover, the Earl of Frasyer and he was now holding her prisoner in his dungeons and had sent her father, Lord Caelin to await his fate with the English Lord Monceaux, King Edward’s Scottish advisor. Duncan cannot go back on his word to his devoted friend and fellow rebel Symon, so he goes off to the dreaded keep Moncreiffe to rescue the only woman he has ever loved.

Lady Isabel Adair sits in the cold, dank darkness of the evil Earl of Frasyer’s dungeons and continues to keep silent as to all she knows of the Scottish rebels led by William Wallace. Somehow she must escape and find her family bible. According to her father, there within lies proof of his innocence and could spare Lord Caelin’s life. Hearing the lock turn Isabel is stunned to see the man she had betrayed but never stopped loving when trying to save his life and her family’s honor she agreed to become Frasyer’s “mistress,” Sir Duncan MacGruder. Fleeing with Duncan on a dangerous escape through Frasyer’s fortress is proving difficult as old passions flare and long kept secrets threaten to come out. Duncan only knows that he must save Isabel as she has always been and always will be His Woman!

Get ready for an action packed non-stop thrill ride with His Woman a sequel to multi talented new author Diana Cosby’s His Captive. Diana Cosby has a unique twist on mixing actual historic figures and events with romance fiction. Duncan is a man of action and his word and has never stopped loving Isabel despite her duplicity. Isabel secretly wants to tell the truth to Duncan, but knows the cost to her love if she does. His Woman is everything you could want in a historical romance and more!

Reviewed in January 2009 by Bonnie.

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