by Cheyenne McCray

February 2009
ISBN: 0-312-94644-9
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Author Cheyenne McCray brings us a kick-ass heroine and plenty of action in The First Sin. The debut novel in a new series, this book shines the light on a disturbing and timely subject human trafficking.

Alexi Steele utilizes all of her military training as an operative for RED Recovery Enforcement Division a clandestine unit of the NSA. The former Army sniper leads her team on their current assignment; discover who is behind the disappearance of several young women in the Boston area. They have narrowed the field to three wealthy club owners who cater to a kinky crowd. When one of her inside people turns up dead, she is ready to race in with guns blazing.

Instead, she gets a new partner Nick Donovan who has his own agenda for joining RED. His sister is one of the missing girls. The former Navy SEAL has skills of his own, and the personal connection will keep him focused.

When Lexi and Nick are sent undercover to infiltrate the BDSM scene, things really start to heat up. Both of them have to play their roles to perfection, and still manage to keep things professional. Easier said than done when you are naked and being observed by your potential target.

The First Sin has it all action, romance, eroticism and a compelling plot. Ms. McCray as set the bar high for this series, and I am sure she will deliver.

Reviewed in March 2009 by Paula.

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