by Janet Chapman

May 2009
ISBN: 978-1-416594-871
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Though being advertised as the first in a new series, many of the characters in this story are familiar to fans of this author. Kenzie Gregor, originally introduced in Secrets of the Highlander, had been cursed to live as a panther. With the curse now broken, heís moved to Maine in order to buy some land and provide an animal sanctuary.

Eve Anderson and her mother find themselves with their home sold out from under them. When Kenzie realizes they have no where to go, he works out a deal that allows them to stay without Eve feeling as if they are a charity case. Being recently divorce, Eve is less than trusting of men, but she canít help finding herself attracted to the sexy Highlander. But she doesnít have time for anything more than trying to keep track of her ailing mother.

Kenzie naturally assumes a leadership role, taking care of both Eve and her mother, but he wants to be much more than friends with Eve. However, heíll first have to figure out a way to explain the fact heís from the 11th century, and heís protecting a dragon. Oh, and thereís the little matter of an evil witch that is determined to destroy him.

Ms. Chapman once again delivers a charming tale with sympathetic and quirky characters. Eve and her best friend have such a great relationship and every scene they share will have readers smiling. Itís also great fun to watch as an 11th century warrior and a 21st century woman find a way to compromise and yet both get what they want.

Reviewed in April 2009 by Jackie.

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