by Angela Knight

May 2009
ISBN: 978-0-425-22450-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

This second in the Time Hunters series has fourteen year old Nick Wyatt alone in the world with aliens hunting him. A stone burned into his upper arm gives him a power he canít explain, but which allows him to help innocents who are in trouble. When he has a vision of a young girl about to be tortured he calls out with his mind and is able to send help her way.

16 years later Nick canít believe it when he finds that same girl in a fight for her life from an alien. Rushing to her rescue, the two suddenly find themselves on the run for their lives. Riane Arvid is uncomfortable when she finds herself stranded in the past on Earth. She may not trust Nick at first, but soon realizes heís her best hope in getting back home.

Sheís also able to help him learn more about his past and about the strange stone on his arm. Neither one of them tries to deny the explosive chemistry they share, but know they have no future as she canít stay in the past and he canít go with her to the future. Of course, that may be a mute point if they donít figure out a way to stop a seemingly indestructible creature.

Short scenes keep Guardian moving at a breakneck speed and multiple character points of view keep readers involved. While I will admit to being a bit confused at times with the amount of information revealed and the multiple story lines, all in all the story is a lot of fun.

Knight has created a dynamic and complex world filled with larger than life characters. The action is very fast with constant scene changes to keep the pace at hyper speed and sizzling hot sex scenes for which this author is so fabulously talented at describing. However, itís the love that comes pouring forth from her characters that makes the sensual scenes so very appealing.

Reviewed in April 2009 by Jackie.

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