by J. R. Ward

May 2009
ISBN: 978-0-451-22585-6
Reviewer Graphic Button New American Library

A pimp and a drug lord, Rehvenge lives life his way, hiding his true nature from the other vampires. Rehvenge is half vampire, half symphath, and every day it is a struggle to keep his true nature hidden. Rehv knows he will never live a normal life, with a shellan and a family, but he will do what he can to protect the little family he does have left. And if that means killing the king, Wrath, then so be it. After all, it is just one more bad deed in a long line of violence in his life, right?

Ehlena is a nurse who takes care of the victims of the vampire war. She has also treated Rehv on more than one occasion and he is a mystery to her. Rehv is very attracted to Ehlena, even as he knows he can never get involved with a nice woman. He would just ruin her life. But their attraction grows, as does trouble brewing in Caldwell.

Rehvís story is only one slice of the plot in Lover Avenged. J.R. Ward also ties together several other plot lines that have been such a big part of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series for the last several books. Wrath, Lash, John Matthew and Xhex all have big roles to play in this story and at times, it gets a bit tiring, having to keep up with the changes in point of view from page to page.

The tension is high in Caldwell as vampires and lessers battle it out again. Ward introduces some new plot elements into her story that keeps the mystery hopping. Glimpses into the world of the symphaths prove to be both illuminating and scary.

While I cannot truly say Rehvenge was the star of his own book, I still eagerly read every page in this five-hundred pages plus story. Glimpses of John Matthew and Xhex in particular really whet my appetite for more. I also really appreciated the plotline involving Wrath as he seems to have been a forgotten Brother, and King, since the first book ended. If you are new to the series, do not start with Lover Avenged as you will be lost. But for fans that have been eagerly anticipating Rehvís story, enjoy every minute of this ride!

Reviewed in April 2009 by Sarah.

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