by Rhyannon Byrd

April 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-77367-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Ian Buchanan grew up listening to his mother tell tales of the Merrick, and how they were mankindís savior. However, he never believed it to be anything more than a made up story. Now as a man heís having very disturbing dreams and strange urges.

When Molly Stratton shows up and tells him she has a message from his mother, he refuses to listen and orders her away. His mother died several months earlier, and he doesnít know what Molly could want from him - and he doesnít want to know. But that doesnít mean he doesnít find her attractive.

That night Ian has a rather sexually explicit dream of Molly, and in the end he bites her and drinks her blood. When Molly shows up at his door a little while later, with bite marks on her neck, he knows things will never be the same again. Unfortunately all he wants is to live a normal life.

With help, Ian learns about what he is, and what heís up against Ė the Casus, a truly evil being that takes great pleasure in feeding on humans, but especially on the Merrick as their blood is much more potent. Ian continues to refuse to bed or feed from Molly, too fearful that heíll lose control and hurt her, or worse. And as he weakens, the Casus is growing stronger and stronger from the kills heís recklessly leaving behind. Ian is going to have to find a way to accept his new life, and soon, or he and Molly wonít survive much longer.

This first book in the Primal Instinct series sets up a fascinating new world in which the Merrick is a cross between a vampire and a werewolf. Strong alpha tendencies are both a help and a hindrance as Ianís life is turned upside down. Molly is on a mission of her own, and never expected to find herself in this type of situation. But she finds an inner strength she didnít know she had, and refuses to allow Ian to deal with this all on his own. The longer format of this series allows the series to unfold in great detail, although at times the details seem a bit repetitive.

Reviewed in March 2009 by Jackie.

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