by Susan Krinard

April 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-77365-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Lady Mariah Donnington left her home in America to marry Lord Donnington. Leaving behind a mother who sees faeries at every turn, she believes life in England is a new start. Until Lord Donnington disappears on her wedding night and Mariah discovers an otherworldly prisoner on the country estate.

Arion, King of the Unicorns, is condemned to live his life as a human male. Imprisoned and unsure of his heritage, Arion is drawn to the passionate Mariah. But as Arionís secret unfolds and his destiny as unicorn king come closer to fruition, the passion burning between him and Mariah dared not be consummated, lest it lead to devastating consequences...

Lord of Legends is an interesting twist on the paranormal romance genre. Usually romance readers get vampires, werewolves and angels, yet Susan Krinard introduces unicorns to the mix. The story is a solid plot Ė a tale of redemption- yet for me, something was missing. There are many twists and turns, ones Iím not going to reveal as it will spoil the story. But at times it read a bit too formulaic and lacks a compulsion to continue reading.

However, the characters are intriguing. Mariah is a gutsy regency heroine Ė one who doesnít fail to protect the man she loves. Arion (Ash) is a memorable hero for his delicate mix of vulnerability and his dominance. Otherworldly yet manly, he exudes alpha male from every page. Despite all this though the novel was not as enjoyable as I expected it to be.

Lord of Legends is definitely a welcomed addition to the paranormal romance genre. Who can resist a King of the Unicorns?! Yet itís not a novel Iíll be keeping on my shelf.

Reviewed in May 2009 by Donna.

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