by Jamie Sobrato

April 2003
ISBN: 0-37379088-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #84
Mass Market Paperback

Josie Marcus has returned home to San Francisco to run her motherís business, the Lovers For Life Center. After two short months of running the center Josie realizes she is in way over her head. She is trained as a marriage counselor not a sex therapist or an accountant, both of which the center are in desperate need. Rafaela Marcus has made a name for herself and a landmark of the center with her popular personality and outrageous sexually oriented seminars. Too bad Rafaela decided to take off with her latest boy toy on a spur of the moment vacation along with most of the centerís working capital.

Trent OíReilly owns both the sporting goods store next door to the center and the building that houses the Lovers For Life Center. Josie is two months behind on the rent and Trent wants his money.

Trent and Josie have a past history together. You see they were almost lovers in high school. They went to the local lovers lane one evening all those years ago and after some heavy petting were almost ready to do the deed. Trent made the mistake of getting out of the car and what does Josie do but drive off and leave him in nothing but his birthday suit at the side of the road. Trent has waited years to get his revenge and he sees the perfect opportunity.

Trent tells Josie that he has a big problem with intimacy. Women tell him he does not fulfill them and he is in desperate need of ďsex lessonsĒ. Trent suggests if Josie will help him out with his problem he will consider the rent paid. Having no other choice Josie reluctantly agrees to Trentís proposal.

The scene has been set for some delightful encounters. The only problem is that they both feel that old attraction as strong as ever and their hearts just might get in the way of their original plans.

With Pleasure For Pleasure, Jamie Sobrato proves that her debut novel in January wasnít just a fluke. This woman knows how to write steamy romances that keep the reader turning the pages. She has a gift for creating likeable characters that the reader can identify with. Josie is a rather shy woman who has lived her life trying to overcome her motherís reputation. In reality Josie just wants someone to love her for her.

Trent is supposed to be out for revenge because of the way Josie treated him all those years ago. It is clear that he really cares for Josie even though he doesnít want to believe it himself.

I loved Ms. Sobratoís choice of San Francisco for the setting of this book. I had the feel of the PBS series Tales Of The City while reading this story. With steamy love scenes and touches of humor, Jamie has created a pleasurable reading experience that I was sorry to see come to an end. Pleasure For Pleasure will leave you wanting more from this talented new author.

Reviewed in March 2003 by Barbara.

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