by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

March 2009
ISBN: 978-0-446-19529-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

The Western Highlands, autumn 1348

Lady Gelis MacKenzie, youngest daughter of the infamous Black Stag, laird of the powerful and proud MacKenzie clan, has been informed by her father that she is to finally wed. From her mother, beautiful Gelis has inherited the gift of second sight, and has seen a vision of a dark, handsome man intertwined with a Raven, this is the man she will love forever.

Lord Ronan MacRauri, known as the Raven, lives with his outcast clan in the dark corners of the lands known as Kintail. Ronan, with his fine-looking visage should be every womanís dream warrior. Instead, the Raven is plagued by the MacRauri family curse, which has damned the MacRauris for centuries. Hearing from his grandfather that another ill-fated bride, (Ronan has buried two), is to wed him, Ronan begrudgingly agrees to hand fast with the girl for the good of his clan.

Lady Gelis scoffs at the so-called curse that Ronan thinks he is under. Plotting a seduction to tempt her new husband to accept her as his one true love, Gelis lovingly tries to kiss away the Ravenís qualms, but supernatural forces are darkening the gates of Castle Dare, and they have put Lady Gelis in mortal danger. The Raven must keep this woman safe as only a Highland warrior can, she is his and nothing will stop him from Seducing a Scottish Bride!

Sue-Ellen Welfonder has honed her craft well, and displays her expertise in her latest Scottish Highlands novel, Seducing a Scottish Bride. Lady Gelis is spirited and displays the same stamina that her mother did when faced with her own dark brooding husband, Gelisís father The Black Stag. The Raven is reminiscent of that former hero, and yet stands on his own as super sexy, and with that hint of vulnerability especially in his compassion we see when dealing with his aged beloved dog, Buckie. (Gotta love a man that loves his dog!) Another sure shot best-seller for author Sue-Ellen Welfonder!

Reviewed in August 2009 by Bonnie.

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