by Monica McCarty

February 2009
ISBN: 978-0-345-50338-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books
Mass Market Paperback

Ascog Castle, Isle of Bute, Scotland

June 1608

Lady Caitrina Lamont was mortified and in deep, well, you know deep what! Removing her fancy gown, and climbing up a tree to rescue a hapless kitten, Caitrina soon found herself stuck once the kitty was sent safely down into the waiting arms of her younger brother. Brian thinking only of getting the wayward cat back to its home in the barn left Cait literally hanging. Now what? Caitrinaís arms were growing weaker by the minute. Then a handsome warrior on a destrier appears, but he is anything but a gentleman. Oh he will come to her aid, if Caitrina grants him a boon, and the lout demands a kiss!

Captain Jamie Campbell, better known as Argyllís Henchman, has been spending the last few months doing his cousinís bidding to rid the Highlands once and for all of the outlaw MacGregor clan. Word has it that the Lamont Laird might be harboring the MacGregors. The Lamont is throwing a gathering to try and get his beautiful but headstrong daughter Caitrina married off and Highlanders from far and near have come to Ascog Castle to bid for her hand as well as join in the festivities. Jamie sees this as an excellent opportunity to scout out the Lamont land and also maybe see for himself if the lass is as lovely as they say. What Jamie is greeted with while riding out of the forest is a sight indeed! A near naked woman hanging from a branch up high in a tree! This hardened Highland Warrior has faced many enemies in battle but that is nothing compared to Caitrina Lamont!

Monica McCarty starts a new exciting trilogy on the heels of her last Highlander series with Highland Warrior. Re-introducing secondary character Jamie Campbell from the previous series, Jamie is now the main hero of this story. Teamed up with feisty and proud Highland lass Caitrina Lamont, Jamie finds himself torn between his loyalty to his cousin Lord Argyll and to his new love, Caitrina and her clan. You wonít want to miss one exciting sizzling hot moment of Highland Warrior!

Reviewed in April 2009 by Bonnie.

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