by Connie Brockway

February 2009
ISBN: 978-0-451-41629-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Onyx
Mass Market Paperback

Francesca Walcott is talented, or cursed, depending on whose opinion is asked. She believes herself to be cursed. Animals are extremely sensitive to her emotions and act accordingly. After a horrifying accident for which her family blamed her, Francesca welcomed the advances of a man who would go on to make her a part of London’s foremost sensitives. It was not a happy existence by any means, however, it provided Francesca with a home and a family. Until Lord Greyson Sheffield arrived.

Grey has dedicated his adult life exposing frauds. He’d spent his youth watching his father go from one medium to the next in a futile attempt to contact his dead daughter. Grey stood by helplessly as his father and the estate dwindled away. Once he was able Grey began his vendetta and the replenishing of funds. He never once stopped to think of the ruin he left behind. Until Francesca Walcott.

Six years pass and Francesca, now known as Fanny, is a widowed governess in Little Firkin, Scotland. Her charge is being threatened and none other than Greyson Sheffield is sent to investigate. It is too much to hope for him not to recognize her. At least he doesn’t reveal her past to Amelie, Fanny’s charge. That doesn’t mean he's not a menace. Just his presence is enough to keep Fanny in turmoil and things tend to happen when her emotions are provoked.

So Enchanting by Connie Brockway is her first historical romance in five years. She’s managed to pack this novel full to overflowing with action and humor. Although Francesca and Grey are supposed to be the hero and heroine of So Enchanting there are more main characters; Amelie, Hayden, and the town of Little Firkin. To be honest I wanted the author to spend more time with Fanny and Grey, but instead she focused more on Amelie and Hayden. Fanny and Grey’s story really didn’t get going until the last third part of the book.

If you don’t mind reading a book with many points of view, then So Enchanting will be sure to charm you. There is humor, a hot love scene, and plenty of odd characters to keep your attention.

Reviewed in January 2009 by Rho.

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