by Susan Andersen

March 2003
ISBN: 0-380-81918-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Getting Lucky is the second book in Susan Andersen’s Marine trilogy and let me tell you how aptly it’s titled. I definitely felt like getting lucky reading this book, especially after her not so brilliant Head Over Heels.

Susan Andersen fans should have read her previous title Head Over Heels though and as such they should remember Marine Zach Taylor, Cooper Blackstone’s wonderful, tall, dark and rich friend and protector of his little sister, Glynnis Taylor. On leave and returning to his younger sister Zach is not a happy guy when instead of his sister he encounters at their place Lily Morrisette. A blond, blue-eyed, curvy woman who stands up to him. She is sexy and brave, a combination that is hard to resist even when he believes her to be a bimbo and a con artist out to harm Glynnis.

Lily of course couldn’t care less about his unfounded accusations. She is a successful chef, soon to be owner of her own restaurant and a good friend, reasons enough not to let this overbearing – but oh so sexy – Marine order her around. No surprise then that she joins Zach on his trip to find his sister. See, Glynnis believes she’s getting married. Zach knows differently and sets out to prevent the “happy event”. And Lily knows someone needs to look out for the happy couple.

The setup is wonderful, the story beautifully crafted, the pace is swift and smooth and the tension between Zach and Lily is sizzling. Confined to his car and in close quarters it doesn’t take very long for both to feel the sexual tension and the mutual attraction. They act on it in a first kiss that is definitely worth waiting for. Wow!

Add a kidnapping, the husband-to-be’s snobby relatives, a spurned lover out for revenge and plenty of good cooking and you have enough intriguing secondary characters, story twists, sparkling dialogue and suspense to prove Susan Andersen’s delicious storytelling talent. Want to get lucky? Then read Susan Andersen’s latest!

Reviewed in March 2003 by kris alice.

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