by Natasha Mostert

April 2009
ISBN: 978-0-525-95100-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Dutton

Mia Lockheart is a keeper – part of an ancient race of women who take warriors into their care and protect them. Healing is her gift, one she practices among the boxers and martial artists of South London. She starts a romance with her childhood sweetheart and fellow martial artist, Nick Duffy. But someone is watching Mia and Nick from the shadows, someone whose intent is malicious.

Adrian Ashton is a modern day ‘vampire’. A trained doctor, he is obsessed with finding the key to eternal life. Aided by the enigmatic Book of Life and Death, he preys on martial artists and boxers, draining their chi - their life force - in his bid to find immortality.

Mia finds herself draw to Ash, as does Nick. But when Nick becomes Ash’s next target Mia must choose between the two men in her life and fight to the death.

Keeper of Light and Dust is a pure gem of a novel. Initially I had some reservations as I know nothing about martial arts, but Ms. Mostert knows her stuff where martial arts are concerned. Yet this shouldn’t discourage the lay reader, she uses such evocative description that I found myself fascinated about the healing aspects involved in martial arts. But it is the intriguing characters that draw the reader in. The ‘love’ triangle and friendship between Mia, Nick and Ash is highly involving; Ash proves to be the perfect protagonist - evil wrapped in a pretty package yet in the end, redeemed by his actions.

My only complaint was the book had a few slow opening chapters, but the introduction of Ash propelled the story along at breakneck speed.

Keeper of Light and Dust is a fascinating story full of surprise. It is one of my favorite stories of the year. Esoteric and sexy as well as a taut suspense thriller, the ending moved me to tears. A five rose review and well deserved!

Reviewed in April 2009 by Donna.

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