by Margaret L. Carter

March 2003
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Virgin Blood has Rapunzel (yup, of the long hair), and a vampire finding love and desire in a play on the time worn classic.

Rapunzel, of the long hair and towered prison, has a guardian, Mother Selene. Mother Selene has cloistered Rapunzel all of her life, visiting her every so often to perform a blood ritual with Rapunzelís virgin blood.

Rapunzel is lonely until the day she meets Alaric, and finds that thereís a big old world out there just waiting to be seen!

Alaric is a vampire, and smells Rapunzels virgin blood, drawing him to make contact with her through her dreams. Alaric visits her every night and exposes Rapunzel not only to the outside world, but also to the pleasures of the flesh. Alaric and Rapunzelís joining changes her and it wonít be long before Mother Selene finds out about Alaricís visits. What are Mother Seleneís visits about? How will Alaric and Rapunzel maintain a relationship, if he can only visit her at night, and Rapunzel canít escape the tower?

Alaric is a vampire in the truest sense, wooden stakes, and silver present a real problem, for this blood sucker. After reading much modern vampire prose it was fun to remember them in the simpler form. Rapunzel has a whole new meaning for this reader now, and wow, did she ever let down her hair with Alaric! This was fun, and a nice change of pace, but nothing out of the ordinary. The short format may explain my lack of involvement, I found myself wanting to have a little more time with the couple. I wanted to explore the places they went in her dreams, and the various shapes Alaric was able to create to get them there.

The cover of this book is stunning, and Ms. Carter writes fluidly, with great description. Gotta love a vampire, and a virginal heroine with long luscious locks!

If you too wish to escape, and let down your hair, pick up a copy of Virgin Blood!

Reviewed in March 2003 by Connie.

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