by Jami Alden

March 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2547-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

In a story so believable it sounds like it came straight from the tabloids, author Jami Alden continues her Taggart brothers trilogy with Kept.

Derek Taggart can think of a hundred things he would rather be doing than security detail at this high-society charity gig. Having to keep an eye on the rich and aimless is not his idea of fun, especially when there is not even a good catfight to keep him entertained. A bored Derek is not a happy Derek. Following a socialite into a restricted area to keep his mind in the game, he gets more than he bargained for when Alyssa Miles sets off his libido with a simple handshake. Time to back off and get back to work.

When Gemini, Derek's company, is asked to provide additional security for Ms. Miles, Derek is reluctant to help. He may not have recognized the name at the benefit, but her escapades are tabloid fodder all over the globe. She is pampered, spoiled and appears to have a problem with pharmaceuticals that no amount of security will fix. Why should he waste his time trying to keep her out of trouble?

Alyssa does not understand what is happening. Why does she keep having these episodes? She has been sober for several years, yet she still feels light-headed and ill sometimes. Reeling from her father's murder, she doesn't even have time to grieve before she is thrust back into the spotlight for the family diamond business. She is not sure why she needs extra security, but Derek Taggart makes her feel safe.

Diamonds are the root of all Alyssa's problems, and Derek will have to take drastic action if he is going to keep her out of harm's way. Readers will keep turning the pages as the danger escalates as quickly as the passion between these two strong-willed people.

Reviewed in February 2009 by Paula.

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