by Beth Williamson

March 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7582-3469-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Life in Plum Creek is deceitfully peaceful and calm, but underneath this tranquil veneer beats hearts of revenge and injustice. Madeline Brewster has lived here all of her life, and has endured the constant eyes of scrutiny and distrust. She is known for helping those in need and opening her heart and home to those of misfortune. Madeline owns the bank, passed down to her by her father; therefore she has all the money she could possibly want. What she needs is someone to fill the virginal ache between her legs and the emptiness of her heart.

In walks Teague O'Neal. He is being falsely accused of stealing an old horse and is about to get his neck stretched. Madeline sees her opportunity to save a life and get her needs met. After she saves him, she sees he is big everywhere. Big body, big hands, big feet (you know what they say about a man with big hands and big feet). Teague is just the size to fit Madeline's six foot frame. Madeline propositions him to teach her all he knows about sex, she is more than hungry for knowledge, she is STARVING. When he finally agrees, that is when things really get good.

Teague fought in the Civil War and had a wife and child. The ghosts of his past have been haunting him night and day, and his involvement with Madeline is causing him to face them. Each lesson in sexuality is making Madeline's body come undone with new found heat and passion, while Teague's heart, body and soul are falling deeper and deeper in love with her.

Then a plot to charge Madeline with embezzlement is uncovered and her sex teacher is one of the culprits!

What man would not like for a beautiful woman to ask her to teach her the finer points of sex?

This story has everything. Solid characters, suspense, and good sexual instruction. Each lesson makes you hotter and hotter. You will find a need to touch yourself while Madeline is learning how to have explosive, orgasmic sex.

Reviewed in March 2009 by Lakisha.

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