by Robin Gideon

November 2008
ISBN: 978-1-60168-150-8
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Apollonia is a vivacious, sexy Grecian girl, who takes the world by storm. Underneath this curvaceous beauty beats a heart full of insecurities about her body, her choice of men, and the need for acceptance. Then a scandal that threatens her mother's company name sends her off on a cruise for damage control. This trip is going to open her eyes to new possibilities of love and relationships.

Michelle is the Assistant City Attorney, who is living a rather alternative lifestyle. She is involved in a committed ménage a trios relationship with police detectives Nathan and Connor. They live to please her every sexual whim. Now, however, they want a new addition to the family and Michelle is not acquiescing to the idea of giving up her career for the sake of motherhood. They need this cruise to sort out the details of their lives for the future.

When these four meet up, the eroticism is of explosive proportions. Michelle is looking to fulfill her lesbian passions from the past and the rest of the group is looking for sexual fulfillment in its highest form.

Initially, Robin Gideon's story seems to just be about hot sex. Instead, this author has written a story about acceptance and perception. Apollonia is very insecure about her body. She is constantly citing her flaws, but in the eyes of Michelle, Nathan, and Connor she is a curvaceous, Grecian beauty and the epitome of femininity. The relationship of this foursome is one of respect, love, and sexual generosity. Don't be fooled, Ms. Gideon's love scenes are so hot, I suggest you keep your significant other on call for the sexual release you are going to need while reading this book. Happy Reading!!

Reviewed in December 2008 by Lakisha.

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