by Carole Hart

March 2009
ISBN: 978-0-451-22637-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Heat
Trade Paperback

Olivia is a beautiful, seductive jewel thief. She makes a man orgasm mindlessly until he passes out, and then she takes him for everything he is worth. Olivia has told her family she is a Realtor, but her secret is about to be let out by someone from her past.

Paul is an incredibly handsome lover and professional jewel thief who taught Olivia everything thing she knows about the business. He accosted her, took her virginity, and was her professor in high crime. When their relationship turns sour, they walk or rather run from each other's presence. Paul reappears and steals the jewelry that Olivia has set her sites on and he will not give them back unless she agrees to a bargain. He wants her body and to do another big jewelry heist with her. Can there be love and honor among thieves?

Initially, this novel was very difficult to get into. The sex scenes were hot and steamy, but the plot left much to be desired. The first few chapters are not page turners, but then as you persevere through the story, it gets good. REAL GOOD. Carole Hart is a good author, but it seems as though the story did not warm up until about chapter five. The erotic scenes will get you through the first few drab chapters, but when you hit the strength of the plot, audience, you are going to really like this story.

Reviewed in February 2009 by Lakisha.

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