by Beth Kendrick

December 2008
ISBN: 978-0-553-59150-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Three friends in different stages of relationships are about to experience the realities of The Pre-Nup in Beth Kendrick’s new story.

Ellie Barton seems to have the perfect marriage to her husband, Michael. They have a beautiful little girl, a lovely home, and entrée into the privileged Arizona high society. But the façade of her marriage begins to crumble when Ellie discovers that Michael is having an affair. For this dedicated mother and wife her world is about to change forever. Will she have the courage to take Michael down and find her own happiness?

Jen Finnerty is her business. Her husband, Eric, is away on business much of the time and Jen was not exactly in love with him when they married. He was her best friend, but she had a broken heart and Eric stepped in to fill the void and help her get her business off and running. But lately Jen has come to realize how weak her marriage has become, and just how much her husband means to her. But is it too late?

Mara Stroebel and her fiancé, Josh, are set to marry when he springs an unexpected clause into their pre-nup agreement. It is a cheating clause and Mara is instantly on the defensive as it was she who had a foolish one-night stand during their relationship. She thought Josh had forgiven her, but it seems he still does not trust Mara. Will these two be able to put their quarrels aside and find happiness?

The Pre-Nup is bland. The women are bland, their storylines are bland, and overall, this story proved to be pleasant but nothing out of the ordinary. The women seemed interchangeable to me. I particularly could not keep Mara and Jen straight. Ellie is the rather stereotypical clueless wife, though I certainly enjoyed her “revenge” techniques. Unfortunately, there is not much to say about this story because it was forgettable in the end. It was not bad, nor was it good, just kind of middle of the road. I have read previous books by Beth Kendrick and found them much more interesting and thought provoking than this story. If you are really interested in this story, I recommend getting it from the library.

Reviewed in December 2008 by Sarah.

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