by Cheryl St. John

December 2008
ISBN: 0373295235
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #923
Mass Market Paperback

Silver Bend, Montana

May 1885

Miss Eliza Jane Sutherland knew it was just a matter of time. Her beloved sister, Jenny Lee was dying. Once Jenny was gone, there would be no stopping Eliza’s ruthless brother-in-law, Royce Dunlap. Slimy Royce had already made insinuations that Eliza would be his next wife! Royce did not really want Eliza anymore then he wanted his son, Tyler. Royce just wanted Eliza’s share of Sutherland Brickyard, her late father’s company. Once Jenny was gone, Eliza Jane knew she would need to take Tyler and run away from her cherished family home and the good friends she had in Silver Bend.

Every day at precisely 3 o’clock, Jonas Black would see the beautiful but aloof woman, Miss Eliza Jane Sutherland stop at the tea shop across the street from his saloon. Success for Jonas had been his climb up the business ladder with purchasing of his saloon and hotel. Jonas found good honest jobs for down trodden women and men who needed the help Jonas could give. With the sadness and desperation he sensed from Eliza Jane, Jonas knew he had to help her and her nephew. Eliza needed his protection from her despicable brother-in-law, and she accepted Jonas’ offer of a job and lodging at his hotel when Royce gave her no other choice. Can Her Montana Man fight off Eliza’s enemies, keep her and Tyler safe and win Eliza’s heart?

Love a good western filled with romance, adventure, a hero to swoon over, an intelligent strong willed heroine who fights back, and a good old fashioned dastardly villain (I could almost envision him twirling his mustache)? Well, they are all here in Cheryl St. John’s newest historical from Harlequin, Her Montana Man. A page turner from start to finish, you will fall just like a ton of bricks from the Sutherland Brickyard for Jonas Black just as quickly as Eliza does. Good job Ms. St. John, Her Montana Man is a keeper!

Reviewed in November 2008 by Bonnie.

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