by Ann Jacobs, Myra Nour, Sahara Kelly

March 2003
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Mystic Visions supplies a trio of talented authors, three tales of destiny, and the magical necklace that binds them together.

Myra Nourís Dragon Fire has Xandor the wizard seeking to attain a fifth level of sorcery, by locating his soul mate through a necklace he creates. Xandor has visited his lover in thought travel, through her dreams they meet and share a passion that he now must make a reality. Xandor travels to Sertosh, where he finds the woman who waits for him. But can he perform the task of Jekar (whoa, and what a task it is) and prove he is her true mate?

Sahara Kellyís Visions finds Nerin of Kushuk, a farmer, with the lovely Karrina of Ishalla, an alleged slave whoís washed ashore and unconscious. She wears the brand of a slave, and has a mysterious necklace that she claims is hers, a claim Nerin refuses to believe. Karrina tries to tell Nerin she isnít a slave, but royalty. Nerin of the big mouth, explosive temper and hunky body accuses her of stealing it and locks her up in a cell. However, Nerin canít stay away from the beautiful Karrina, and the necklace canít stay away from him! Will Karrina convince Nerin she truly is of royalty?

Ann Jacobs Zayeds Gift finds the necklace with a tortured Brian Shearer, returning home from Iraq after being held prisoner for eleven years. Coming home to Texas, he finds his wife has re-married, and his parents are gone. Desolate with despair, he considers taking drastic measures until the advice of a ghost from his past stops him, sending him on a journey to find his soul mate and the gift of love heís waited so long for. But religion and social economics separate Brian and his lover; can she convince him love will bridge the gap?

The talents of Ms. Nour lie in her magical portrayal of a world where people are blue, and creatures talk. I have considered applying to become a Sertoshian woman, as the Jekar quite caught my attention, and when you read the book, youíll be getting in line behind me!

Ms. Kelly has a very clever thread that ties her book The Sun Godís Woman to Visions, and of course it almost goes without saying that Ms. Kelly makes the trip back to ancient Sumer, a most pleasant journey. Her characters are clear, vivid works of art that leaves you breathless, and emotionally satisfied! Nerin is powerful, and sexy, but Karrina is no slouch when it comes to tenacity.

Ms. Jacobs too, tapped into characters from her previous books, Firestorm and Love Slave. Ms. Jacobs brings the forlorn and battered Brian to Mina Suíud, and gives him a story with a pretty Kuwaiti eye surgeon by the name of Alina. Alinaís need to help Brian find his way out of the past was endearing.

A fun way to pass the time with three very unique voices penning the timeless tale of loveís destiny!

Reviewed in March 2003 by Connie.