by Debra Webb

January 2009
ISBN: 0-312-53295-4
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Sarah Newton is an investigative reporter, with her own dark secrets, for Truth Magazine. Her job is to publicly debunk the “supernatural” myths and curses related to crimes. In doing so, she has made a lot of people unhappy and angry over the years. Her next assignment is Youngtown, Maine where one young lady has been murdered and a second is missing. Everyone is Youngtown wants to blame a curse because they don’t want to believe that someone they possibly know could be at the bottom of these gruesome acts and yet the good people of Youngtown have some very dark secrets of their own.

Kale Connor is the newest councilman and assigned the task of keeping Sarah out of trouble and out of everyone’s hair, which is easier said than done. Kale has had to give up his life, in order to keep the family business running. He’s living his life, according to everyone else’s expectations. At first, he thinks Sarah is a pain but the longer they are together, he sees that she does know what she’s doing and she’s unlike anyone he’s ever known. Once Kale’s family is thrust right in the middle of the investigation, the rules change.

Debra Webb has created a masterful edge-of-your-seat suspense book in Find Me. She also kept me guessing about the villain. There were potentially many to choose. The last chapter is truly shudder-worthy. This book is a have-to-read for those that love mystery, suspense, kick-ass heroines, heroes who can see past the fortified barriers to the woman beneath and a wealth of small town secretive people who will do anything to keep those secrets. Thank you, Ms. Webb! I’m off to check out your back-list and your upcoming books!

Reviewed in March 2009 by PamL.

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