by Brenda Joyce

March 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-77346-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Book two of the Rose Trilogy in the Masters of Time series brings us back to the Highlands. Black Macleod has been on a mission of vengeance ever since watching his family slaughtered in front of him when he was a young boy of 14. His goal ever since is to kill every single male descendent of the MacDougall clan. Hes destined to be so much more - a warrior who fights for innocence - but hes turned his back on his destiny, instead intent on his revenge.

Tabitha Rose lives in modern day New York, and is a school teacher and a witch. Every Rose woman has a power, but Tabitha is concerned about the weakness of her powers. While at the museum, she sees an amulet and has a vision of a suffering 14 year old Guy Macleod. She feels such compassion and despair for the boy and finds herself casting a spell to bring him to her. However its a full grown man she finds standing before her, and hes not very happy to be there.

Guy Macleod finds himself far from home and almost immediately in trouble. When he stumbles across Tabitha in danger from evil, he doesnt hesitate to save her. Tabitha readily admits to herself that she finds Guy attractive, but she learned her lesson about alpha males from her previous marriage, and the last thing she wants is another alpha male to think he can control her.

Then Tabitha is taken into the past and finds she has to rely on Guy Macleod to keep her safe. Tabitha becomes aware of her destiny, but Guy refuses to accept the possibility of losing her. There is a lot of time jumping from this point and at times it seems confusing, but all makes sense in the end.

Characters from previous books appear and the next story is set up for the last Rose sister. For those not familiar with the series Id definitely suggest starting the series from the beginning. Returning fans will love to see yet another strong man finding healing and love with an equally strong woman.

Reviewed in February 2009 by Jackie.

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