by Beth Ciotta

March 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-77360-2
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Mass Market Paperback

In Evie Ever After, Evie Parish does her best to prove an asset to the other members of Chameleon a secret government group under the direction of the AIA. Milo Beckett returns from a mission and finds himself in a bad position after being informed he killed a man. But soon the members of his team begin to suspect a setup. As they try to figure out who, why and, most importantly, how they can gain the upper hand, Evie also tries to figure out which man she truly loves Arch or Milo.

Arch is gorgeous and has a sexy Scottish accent, and hes helped Evie gain self confidence in herself and her forty year old body. But hes still a man of mystery, and Evie is afraid his secrets will always be between them. Milo on the other hand is definitely on the right side of the law, hes trust worthy and his first kiss definitely had some spark to it.

As Evie prepares to take the lead role in a con to clear Milos name, both Milo and Arch have to learn to trust her and respect her acting abilities. Evies friends join in, leading to some secondary storylines and making this book that much more fun to read.

In this final installment ofThe Chameleon Chronicles, Evie continues to bumble her way through life and romance. Her positive outlook and endearing clumsiness make her a much loved character and this reader for one will truly miss her crazy adventures. But since Ms. Ciotta is so uber talented when it comes to quirky characters, readers will no doubt fall in love with her next series just as easily.

Reviewed in February 2009 by Jackie.

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