by Caroline Linden

February 2009
ISBN: 978-0-06-170635-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Mariah is supposed to be the belle of the season, the newest girl to enter the Ton. A ravishing beauty she certainly is not lacking for male attention. But most of the men seem only interested in her to further their social standing. They arenít in love with Mariah. And Mariah only wants to marry for love.

When a man steps out of the shadows at Mariahís coming out party, she is sure she has met the man of her dreams. The nameless, faceless stranger fascinates her, and she spends the rest of the evening searching unsuccessfully for him in the crowds.

Then Harry sneaks into her bedroom late one night, just to talk to her. Mariah feels he is deliciously wicked, but she canít help but be attracted to him. Could Harry possibly be the man sheís been waiting for? Or is he just another suitor looking for a rich bride? Or, could he possibly be after something else entirely?

A View To A Kiss is the first book Iíve read by Caroline Linden. I was a bit shocked at what I opened the book to, when I started thumbing through it, but all in all I felt that A View To A Kiss was exceptionally well written, and it held my interest until the end of the book.

The characters in A View To A Kiss are quite well developed, and I enjoyed reading a successful regency romance, something I havenít had the luxury to read in some time. If you are looking for an exciting, page turning historical, with lots of action, both with suspense, and sex, then A View To A Kiss is definitely a book youíre going to want to read.

Reviewed in March 2009 by Laura.

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