by Robin T. Popp

November 2008
ISBN: 978-0-505-52766-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

New York City, New York

Since the battle that saved the world between the Immortals and the old one demon, wood nymph Mai Groves has been suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. Word arrives from her editor that her therapist has been murdered, and investigative reporter Mai smells a hot story. Mai isn’t sure if the ominous messages she has been receiving are part of her PTS or for real. Then while asleep the already magic weakened Mai is viciously attacked but is saved by a mysterious sexy dream walker. Mai realizes she is in need of help. In order to pursue her story and maybe find some clues about her mystery lover she decides to seek out the services of renowned spirit-walker Nicolas Blackhawk.

Nick Blackhawk is a shaman from a tribe of shape-shifting spirit walkers who runs a successful survival training business with his life long friend and fellow tribe member Dave Runningbear. Knowing sex obsessed Dave’s warped ideas on gift giving, Nick is sure the hot wood nymph that arrives for an “appointment” at his office is Dave’s doing. After the misunderstanding between Mai and Nick is cleared up, that she is really there for his business expertise, Nick senses something in Mai that marks her as his spirit-mate. Could the faceless woman that Nick saved from a nightmare beating be Mai? Together these two must enter the murky dimension of wishes to battle an eons old evil, for only they can stop The Haunting.

Snap, crackle, Robin T Popp,…….The Immortals one of the most original paranormal series to hit romance in years continues with The Haunting. In this outing we get to catch up with Mai Groves, a wood nymph that has put her over-sexed libido on hibernate while she deals with her PTS. Throw in sexy hero Nick Blackhawk who takes Mai’s sex life right off the shelf and back into action. Funny characters, evil spirits, erotic sex, what more could you want in a paranormal romance? The Haunting delivers.

Reviewed in January 2009 by Bonnie.

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