by Cherry Adair

November 2008
ISBN: 978-0345499912
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Mass Market Paperback

Lucas Fox, T-FLAC counterterrorist operative in the psi division, is on the trail of a Half via Trace Teleport when his powers falter and he plummets to the beach and loses consciousness. When he awakens, soldiers are looking for him and his powers are still out of whack. He sneaks into one of the bungalows on the beach, the one belonging to Sydney McBride.

Sydney McBride is a writer who made a colossal mistake with her first book and now, reputation in shreds, is attempting to get her career back on track. In order to do that, she’s willing to subject herself to plastic surgery so she can write about plastic surgery spas around the world.

As Sydney and Lucas are acting as a newly engaged couple, Lucas notices someone who doesn’t really belong at the spa. After some snooping around, the couple stumbles onto a horrific worldwide plot that loosens a deadly biotoxin in select locations. The next step for Lucas and Sydney is to attempt to stop this plot, by any means possible – fast!

Night Secrets, the second book in the Night series by Cherry Adair, could have been better, in this reviewer’s opinion. The story line had such potential and yet at the end of the book, I was disappointed in a couple of things. While Lucas Fox fits into the T-FLAC mold quite admirably and Sydney is, at times, a heroine to be proud of, the rest of the story was a tad far-fetched. The one thing there is never any doubt about is the feelings that Lucas and Sydney cause in each other. I can only hope that Ms. Adair will wrap up the “faulty wizard powers” storyline, with a logical reason for it, in the next book Night Shadow.

Reviewed in January 2009 by PamL.

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