by Gerry Bartlett

January 2009
ISBN: 978-0425225646
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Trade Paperback

Glory St. Clair has been a vampire for a long time. She was turned into one in the early 1660's. She has seen many changes over the years, but some things never truly change. She has had her long-time lover Jerry, aka Blade, but he always seems to take off on a sudden trip at the most inopportune time. She does have a bodyguard, Valdez, who mostly takes the form of a talking dog. Sometimes Valdez is not enough to help her deal with modern life and the evil that seems eternal.

Glory becomes the mentor for recently turned vampire, Israel Caine. Ray, as he is known to many fans, is trying to keep his vampire status a secret and hopes Glory can give him pointers as well as pose as his fiance'. He wants to keep his rock star career going full tilt, even if it means making serious lifestyle changes. Glory is extremely flattered by Ray's request and seemingly real attraction to her. She is not his usual type. Glory was a full figured woman when she became a vampire. The title is a true one since Real Vampires Don't Diet and Glory is stuck at a snug size twelve. Ray and Glory have more to worry about then the sexual tension between them. They run into a Siren who needs three vampires to deliver to Circe as an offering to lift a curse. Glory and Ray make a deal with the Siren, but wonder if their immortal lives will come to a quick halt.

The plot is well paced and suspenseful. Most of the characters may be paranormal, but the reader can still relate to their dilemmas and the little issues that irritate us all. Glory is a wonderful heroine who is not afraid to work hard and is faithful to those she loves.

Real Vampires Don't Diet is the fourth in a series by talented author Gerry Bartlett. The author brings the reader up to date is this current novel, but it is much more fum to read all four in order. Vampires and the paranormal are hot in the publishing world these days. Ms. Bartlett's vampires are more likely to keep you laughing than to keep you awake at night.

Reviewed in December 2008 by Roberta.

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