by Allyson James

January 2009
ISBN: 978-0-425-22369-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Heat
Trade Paperback

When psychic Patricia Lake goes to investigate a noise in her antique shop she doesnít expect to find a man with wings sprawled on her floor. Patriciaís own abilities allow her to keep a cool head over finding a man in her shop and she is determined to find out why he broke in. When the man comes to he introduces himself to Patricia as Nico and while attempting to avoid her questions inquires about the whereabouts of an ostracon, a small slab of limestone with hieroglyphics, which she had in her possession. The more time that Patricia spends with Nico the more she is drawn to him even if he and his best friend, Andreas, do have the habit of offering themselves up to her for her sexual gratification if she helps them locate the ostracon.

Tired of their enslavement to women cursed demi-gods Nico and Andreas are on a mission to find an ostracon that may hold the key to ending their servitude and the heartbreak they feel from being denied love. Patricia is not like anyone Nicoís known and no matter how much he knows itís going to hurt when she blithely walks away it doesnít diminish the attraction and desire he feels towards her. The ostracon offers Nico not only his freedom but maybe a chance at the kind of love that has always been denied to him.

Mortal Temptations is both a sweet and wonderfully naughty tale. Patriciaís bantering with Andreas is a delight to read and I love how cool headed she is in the face of out of the ordinary situations. Patriciaís desire to find out what lies beneath Nicoís surface and to develop a deeper connection with him then a purely physical one is one that I enjoyed watching develop. Nicoís desire to rid himself and Andreas of the curse they have placed on them wonít fail to touch readerís hearts and will have them yearning for Nicoís success at breaking the curse and finding love.

Allyson James is great at creating stories that are intriguing and sure to capture readerís imaginations. Allyson James characters are both titillating and tender and are guaranteed to have readers begging for more. This is my first time reading a story by Allyson James and I am sure that with her wonderful ability to weave a tale that it wonít be my last.

Reviewed in January 2009 by Claudia.

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