by Margaret Moore

January 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-77348-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Wales, 1205

Lady Roslynn de Werre did not know what to expect after reaching her destination at the keep of the powerful Welsh warlord Madoc ap Gruffydd. After suffering an abusive marriage to traitorous Wimarc de Werre, Roslynn had become a ward to King John. John decided there was no better reward than Roslynn as wife and her dowry to Madoc for his role in having brought her late husband to justice. Roslynn dreamed of having a home and family but still could not control the fear and dread when she gets her first look at the brawny warrior, Lord Madoc.

Madoc ap Gruffydd was stunned to return home to Llanpowell and find a party of Normans awaiting him. Even more shocking was the news that the lovely Norman lady Roslynn was being offered by John to him as bride and payment for his services to the crown. Madoc knew his financially challenged estate could use the funding Lady Roslynn’s dowry would bring. One taste of her sweet lips was all Madoc needed to convince him and the leery Roslynn that they would suit. Winning over the skittish Roslynn wasn’t an easy task, but once they get past the painful memories she had of her first marriage, Roslynn discovered a caring and passionate lover in Madoc. But then duplicity threatened to tear them and their new marriage apart. Can The Warlord’s Bride uncover the truth behind the terrible secrets that torment her husband?

A colorful cast of characters and vivid storytelling make Margaret Moore’s latest medieval The Warlord’s Bride a scorching hot five rose read. Love tortured heroes? Meet Madoc with enough pain and anguish to fill up anyone’s quota. Then there is his equally tormented bride, Roslynn, whose beauty and grace are second to her bravery in spite of her violent first marriage. Margaret Moore is the master story teller of the medieval romance!

Reviewed in December 2008 by Bonnie.

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