by Lara Adrian

January 2009
ISBN: 978-0-440-24449-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Now that the Breed warriors known as the Order have discovered a plot to kill all the Gen One Breeds, warriors have been dispatched to relay this information to all of the older Breed population. Gen One Breeds are notoriously suspicious of the Order, and convincing them they are in danger has not been easy. In some cases, the warnings arrived too late.

Nikolai is not having much luck on his assignment. The Gen One he is looking for, Sergei Yakut, is reclusive. He has rebuffed all attempts to discuss the matter and Nikolai is tired of getting the run around. When he encounters a young woman who knows Yakut, he has no way of knowing that it is a trap.

Renata possesses a unique ability to disable a Breed warrior. As a security officer for Yakut, she does what she must to survive. Her only focus is on protecting the young child at the Yakut compound. When the child is taken, Renata risks everything to free the Breed warrior in hopes that he will aid her.

Author Lara Adrianís Breed series continues on toward what looks like an exciting conclusion as both sides of the battle extend their power. Nikolai is powerfully attracted to Renata, but she belongs to another and he must bury those feelings and concentrate on the task at hand. Renata has never had anyone guarding her back before and doesnít know how she feels about Nikolai, except that she wants the powerful warrior in her bed.

Veil of Midnight will keep readers entranced until the final page.

Reviewed in December 2008 by Paula.

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