by Lani Diane Rich

November 2008
ISBN: 0-446-61825-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Grand Central Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

How often do we as readers walk through the bookstore and judge the book by the cover? Iím afraid the answer to that is a bit too often. Hopefully with the newest title from Lani Diane Rich that wonít happen. Wish You Were Here has a beautiful cover, but I believe itís a bit deceitful, as it shows a woman lounging in a beautiful setting. While the setting for Wish You Were Here is indeed idyllic, the heroine Freya Daly isnít there for a vacation...sheís in Idaho hoping to close one last deal that will guarantee her the promotion to head her fatherís company upon his retirement.

As she surveys the rundown campground and RV park, she canít help but wonder what could be so important about this piece of property that her father will offer millions for it, but if he wants it to add to his empire then get it for him she will. What Freya doesnít expect is to run into a brick wall named Nate Brody.

Nate has inherited the land from his now deceased father, and upon his death bed his father asked Nate to find a missing treasure. Nate refuses to part with the land until he fulfills that wish.

What neither Nate nor Freya know is how that missing treasure links their pasts and their possible futures.

When I sat down to read Wish You Were Here I was expecting a romantic comedy, but while there was fun and romance there was also a nice blend of mystery surrounding the missing treasure.

As I turned the last pages I was left feeling that I had just finished a truly satisfying read. I now look forward to the next offering from Ms. Rich.

Reviewed in April 2009 by Sandi.

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