by Sherrill Bodine

December 2008
ISBN: 0-446-61858-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Grand Central Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

If youíre anything like me youíre tired of going to the bookstore looking for a straight contemporary romance. Everything I see has a paranormal element, a suspense element, or is historical. For readers who love those genres itís a great trip to the store, but for people like me who love romantic comedy and want to be swept away by a hero who is flawed, but able to prove himself worthy the pickings are mighty slim!

Sherrill Bodine has come to the rescue of those of us who love romantic comedy with no other elements than a fun storyline and engaging characters who leap off the pages. She does so with Talk of the Town.

As the story opens Rebecca Covington who is a well known gossip columnist, is being fired for her age. She does have one chance to save her job but it means she has to move to the food pages. She does so, but not quite so willingly. She believes that she will do anything to get her job back, and she lets it be known that she has just now begun to fight!

David Sumner is the new owner of the paper Rebecca works for, and he sees things from a totally different angle than Rebecca. However, the one thing he does see is that Rebecca brings out parts of him he thought dead and buried with his deceased wife.

Hereís where the fun really starts. The sparks between Rebecca and David are spontaneous and intense, but as we all know true love can never run smoothly. Will the fate conspire against them, or will they be able to put aside any misunderstandings for their own happy ever after?

I truly had a hard time putting down Talk of the Town, and was impressed with the story flow, and the development of the secondary characters. Only one thing disappointed me...when I went online to see what might be next the website had no updates.

Reviewed in June 2009 by Sandi.

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