by Linda Lael Miller

February 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-77353-4
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Mass Market Paperback

After two failed marriages and years of moving around, Logan Creed decides he needs to deal with his past and how to make his future more satisfying. Coming home to his family's rundown ranch seems like an unlikely choice. Logan has been estranged from his two brothers since their father's death. Their father was a drinker and they had rough childhoods, but the circumstances of the death caused serious discord. Logan may be able to mend fences at the old ramshackle ranch and with his brothers with enough hard work.

Logan's homecoming surprise comes in the form of a divorced mother who is living in his brother Dylan's house. Briana Grant has heard rumors about the long absent Logan Creed, but is not prepared for the fact he is just as kind as he is handsome. He even warms up to her children right away. All is not calm under the big Montana sky after Briana's ex shows up and someone vandalizes her modest home. Can Logan and Briana make peace with their pasts and build a future together?

Logan is cowboy tough, but is intelligent and tender. He has overcome a lot of difficult situations that would have overwhelmed many people. Briana has had to keep her family together after her ex dumped them at a Wal-Mart. She has worked hard and not whined about the tough times she has had to endure. Both Briana and Logan are realistic and empathetic characters who are sure to charm all romance readers. Montana Creeds: Logan is the perfect mix of family story and romance.

Linda Lael Miller has written many Western stories in recent years, both historical and contemporary. I have loved them all, though I do have a special fondness for the McKettrick series. The Creeds are related to the McKettricks and are just as engaging in their own way. I am looking forward to reading and reviewing the upcoming Creed novels that will focus on Logan's brothers. If you are already a fan, you will love Montana Creeds: Logan. If you haven't tried any of Ms. Miller's books, you need to run right out and grab a couple up.

Reviewed in January 2009 by Roberta.

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