by Candace Camp

February 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-77354-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Still reeling from the discovery that she had been duped fifteen years ago, Lady Francesca Haughston realizes that she must somehow make amends for her actions. The fateful day when she severed her engagement to the Duke of Rochford changed both their lives. She is overcome with guilt and remorse for not believing him, for not believing in him.

She does not want to shatter their current friendship by bringing up old wounds, yet she feels that she must do something. Since she seems to have a knack for pairing up couples, she decides that she will find Sinclair a bride. It is past time that he marry. It won't be easy, for he is a demanding man, yet Francesca feels certain she can succeed. Of course, he must never know she is behind it.

Fifteen years ago when a young neighbor caught his eye, Sinclair Lilles was already the Duke of Rochford. Francesca was someone he had known his entire life, yet that year she blossomed into the beauty that would stun the ton. There was never any doubt in his mind that he loved her. But she was so young, he wanted her to enjoy her Season, dancing and flirting with the young men. If she found love with someone else, so be it. If she did not, then he planned to claim her as his duchess. A secret engagement was a way of letting her know his intentions without irreparable harm if it did not last. When it ended badly, he never thought of marrying again.

Sinclair easily sees through her attempts to pair him up with young ladies, and he immediately wrings a confession from her. The audacity that she would presume to find him a bride is completely unacceptable or is it? Perhaps she is right. It is past time to marry. Who better to find him a bride?

Why do they both feel so depressed at the idea?

Candace Camp has saved the best for last in her latest quartet of stories. The Courtship Dance has humor, passion and just enough danger to bring everything to it's thrilling climax. Francesca and Sinclair are perfect for each other, and managed to waste fifteen years before realizing that their love was meant to be.

Reviewed in January 2009 by Paula.

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