by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

February 2009
ISBN: 978-0-06-135150-1
Reviewer Graphic Button William Morrow

Georgie York’s Hollywood star has risen and then exploded with a savage bang when her husband leaves her for another woman. Her life has shattered around her and Georgie just wants to get some control again. Georgie has plans to make it big in Hollywood once again, and not just as spunky sweetheart, Scooter Brown, of Skip and Scooter sitcom fame. Unfortunately, before she can get her life back in some semblance of order, Georgie does the unthinkable in Las Vegas: she marries her detestable ex-costar, Bramwell Shepard.

Bram is the bad boy of Hollywood. He took his fame and fortune for granted and now he is lucky if he can get bit parts in any productions. Bram wants his credibility back amongst the Hollywood elite and it is for this reason and this reason only, that he decides to go along with Georgie’s crazy scheme to tell the paparazzi that they have fallen in love. They may detest each other, but the mutual benefits outweigh the risks, for the moment.

Suddenly Georgie and Bram are back on display. Can their fake marriage help them discover a true love?

A story by Susan Elizabeth Phillips guarantees laughter, hurt, and powerful emotions. What I Did For Love is a fun and tantalizing glimpse into the façade of Hollywood and the pressures the actors and actresses face. However, the real fun is stripping away the pretense and getting a glimpse into Georgie and Bram’s true emotions towards each other. These characters do not handle the emotions exactly right all the time, but their reactions are true and revealing of their inner strength. Georgie has had a heart-wrenching marriage, a father who seems only impressed when she is on the screen, and now she is married to a man who never seems to take anything seriously.

There is a plethora of secondary characters, maybe a few too many, but some shined more than others, particularly Bram’s housekeeper, Chaz, and Georgie’s assistant, Aaron. Georgie’s interactions with Chaz in particular add an edge of sarcasm and edgy humor to the story.

What I Did For Love reads like vintage Susan Elizabeth Phillips storytelling. It’s just a darn good love story.

Reviewed in January 2009 by Sarah.

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