by Sandy Curtis

March 2003
ISBN: ISBN: 0-330-36398-0
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Mass Market Paperback

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Deadly Tide is the third of Sandy Curtis’ romantic suspense novels set in Australia and as its predecessors it’s just as exciting and enjoyable.

In Queensland, Australia Chayse is assigned to work undercover on a fishing boat. He is determined not to get involved on a personal level, a notion that sits well with his skipper, Samantha Bretton. Samantha has more important things to worry about like the murder charges against her father and the danger of loosing his boat should she fail to bring in a big catch.

But confined to the small trawler, not even the secrets in their pasts and the dangers in the present can keep them from acknowledging the bond, the attraction. It’s beautiful, as their admiration, awareness and growing trust is obvious in every word and gesture.

What I like about Sandy Curtis’ heroes and heroines is that they are equals. In strength, courage and love. Samantha doesn’t just sit at home and worry but she sets out to find the real murderer. And when her growing attraction demands her to open old wounds she does it. They are not flawless, but real. Characters I’d be happy to have as friends. Secondary characters such as the old family friend and the villains are just as carefully portrayed.

Deadly Tide is, as all of Sandy Curtis’ books, very well researched, obvious in the small details that lend authenticity. I learned quite a bit about skipping a fishing trawler and with the added information about Queensland’s sea life sprinkled in, I had no problems visualizing the story. Never loosing sight of the romance of course.

With an assured writing voice that not only brought across the present but also the past, this expertly crafted story provides the satisfaction to see good triumph over evil and love conquer all.

Reviewed in March 2003 by Kris Alice.

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