by Jennifer Blake

February 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2619-9
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Mass Market Paperback

The wait is over for fans of Jennifer Blakeís Masters at Arms series. The fifth book, Gallant Match is here!

Before I started reading I told myself not to be disappointed if this book did not meet the same level of satisfaction as the prior books. It has happened in some series. The later books seem to fizzle out as if the author is weary of writing that particular set. I am more than happy to report that not only is the Masters at Arms series still as hot as ever, but this reviewer is delighted by the freshness Ms. Blake imparted to Gallant Match.

Sonia Bonneval is not one to sit idly by while a man plans her future for her. She makes plans of her own. Her father may have promised her hand in marriage to someone definitely not of her choosing, but Sonia didnĎt made any promises. She asked her father nicely to release her from the pledge, she threw a tantrum, and when those didnít work Sonia took a different course of action. She tried to run away. She would have succeeded, too, if not for one problem. Kerr Wallace.

It is not Kerrís problem the woman is a pawn in the game between two powerful men. He has a job to do and he is going to see it through. After meeting the woman for the first time he understood something about Miss Sonia Bonneval...she was going to be a pain in the neck. Finding her sneaking out of the house to avoid marriage simply confirmed it. Whatever it takes Kerr isnít about to let Sonia get away.

Neither Sonia nor Kerr took into account the possibility of war when they made their plans. But when war between the States and Mexico breaks out new strategies must be considered. Soniaís prejudice and Kerrís pride surrender to necessity. There is no time for games. When they are able to see each other through eyes unclouded by misconceptions, the way is clear for true love to grow.

Gallant Match takes the reader from sultry Louisiana to the exotic Mexican jungle. If you are not afraid of danger then step away from the civilized world of ballrooms and afternoon rides in the park and embark on a voyage that will test the bravest of hearts.

As usual, Ms. Blakeís storytelling brush paints a picture for the mindís eye that is both strikingly clear and true to life. While she has always been a favorite author of mine, her Masters at Arms series is proof that Jennifer Blake is truly a Master of her craft. These books will stay in my library for future reading.

Reviewed in January 2009 by Rho.

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