by Nancy Warren

April 2003
ISBN: ISBN: 0- 373-44163-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Nancy Warren’s latest Duets stories allow a welcome return of characters first introduced in her February 2003 Temptation release, Hot Off The Press.

A Hickey For Harriet

Harriet MacPherson needs a hickey. She needs it to discourage her maiden aunts' latest matchmaking candidates. She loves them dearly but living with them is enough, dating their choice of men is not an option. Rescue is at hand with fellow Pasqualia Standard journalist and the object of her daydreams, Steve Ackerman.

Steve is a sports journalist and not too bright - or so people think. Harriet might not be his type of woman - old-fashioned name, clothes and scent - but he refuses to see her on a date with a creep. So a hickey Harriet gets.

When Steve finds out that Harriet’s greatest wish is to become a cheerleader, he decides to help and gain a winning article out of it. And maybe a chance to get close enough for another hickey?

A Cradle For Caroline

Caroline and Jonathan Kushner are married, separated and soon to be divorced. At least that’s what the rest of Pasqualia sees. Jonathan is not having it, especially when he finds out that his wife is now working for the rival newspaper. He might be accused of cheating on her but he knows he’s innocent. With inventive actions and the help of good friends, he sets out to win her back

After reading the second and third installment of Nancy Warren’s stories set in Pasqualia, Washington around the men and women working for the two rival newspapers I’m not satisfied yet. Hey, shows like Friends and Ally McBeal don’t finish after three episodes either. I want more!

Nancy Warren’s writing is light, not fluffy. It takes you on a leisurely ride with a couple of surprises thrown in, some very good laughs and ample time to fall in love with the characters. And I’d be surprise if you didn’t fall in love with them. The stories are sweet and charming, delightful and flirty, both of them definite feel-good reads. I sure was surprised to find myself loving two sweet and tender romances, but I shouldn’t have been. One very talented storyteller wrote them after all!

Reviewed in March 2003 by Kris Alice.

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