by Margo Maguire

January 2009
ISBN: 978-0-06-166787-9
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Mass Market Paperback

Richmond, England

Late spring, 1829

Since being lost as a young boy while on safari with his father, Anthony Maddox has survived on his own with minimal help from the native Africans. His grandmother, Lady Sophia Sutton, never gave up hope that her beloved grandson would return. The savage that arrives is nothing like the sweet boy that Sophia remembers, yet Sophia would know him anywhere, he is Anthony. Now Sophia must get society and the House of Lords to accept him as the rightful Duke of Sutton and that the jungle barbarian must be tamed. Trying to keep things under wrap until Anthony can be properly presented to the ton, Sophia appoints her companion, Miss Grace Hawthorne, as tutor to Anthony.

Spinster Grace Hawthorne was grateful to longtime family friend Lady Sophia for giving her a place in her home as a companion. Upon the death of her mother, and the desertion of her former fiance, Grace had nowhere to go. But gratitude aside, Grace was not happy about civilizing the man who Sophia claimed as her long lost grandson and turning him into a gentleman. Grace can’t help but be drawn to the proud arrogant man who thumbs his nose at the chance to claim what is rightfully his. Anthony wants the aloof Grace and will not stop his careful and erotic seduction of her. Grace tries, but cannot deny the “Wild” feelings Anthony draws from her.

Margo Maguire writes a new twist on the Tarzan theme in her latest sure to be hot best seller, Wild. We meet Anthony Maddox who has been taken against his will from the only home he supposes he wants. From a child’s perception, Anthony has believed for over twenty years that his father abandoned him. When he learns the truth, he still cannot accept things, even with his new feelings for Grace. Grace wants what all women want, a home and family. It is almost within her grasp with the suit of a local widower, but her inner turmoil is stirred by the passion that is ignited when Anthony takes her in his arms. You’ll go wild for Wild!

Reviewed in December 2008 by Bonnie.

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