by Candice Poarch

February 2003
ISBN: 1-58314-349-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Arabesque Books
Mass Market Paperback

Cecily Edmondsís life changes when her dying mother reveals that she is not who she thought she was and that her mother has left her a lighthouse in North Carolina. Her, mother also tells Cecily that she was a suspect when funds used to rebuild the island after a hurricane disappeared. After her motherís death, Cecily moves to Coree Island and takes possession of her lighthouse. She opens a tea and sweets shop, and has great hope for success. She soon discovers that the islandís residents still believe that Cecilyís mother stole the money and will have little to do with Cecily or her shop. That is, until Ryan Anderson enters the picture.

Ryan soon discovers that he would like to be more that just business partners with Cecily. However, just as their romance begins to bloom, old hatred and anger begin to surge again and Cecily and Ryan discover themselves in danger. As the town struggles to find the person stalking them, Cecily and Ryan must protect each other from those that would harm them and their livelihoods and solve the mystery of the missing funds before the two of them go missing as well.

The plot of Candice Poarchís, newest novel Lighthouse Magic, catches the readerís attention at once. The plot never fades or becomes uninteresting from the moment Cecily discovers who she truly is until the mystery is solved at the very end. I was shocked, amused, intrigued, and captivated by turn. This plot was brilliantly executed by the author who handled the main plot and all of the subplots throughout the book effortlessly and intermingled the plots seamlessly. The danger appeared very real to the reader; it was not contrived nor was it the result of heroineís stupidity, as I often read these days.

The main characters appeared genuine, with their own problems, making many mistakes, in love as well as life. I personally appreciate characters that are flawed, mostly because Iím full of flaws myself. However, I did find some of the secondary characters to be a little flat and one sided, but this was not enough to distract me from the story line.

The romance was superb! The characters actually got to know one another before marrying and to my surprise the story continued even after Ryan and Cecily got married, a real bonus as the reader does not often get to discover what happens after the honeymoon. The couple also had problems with their relationship which I found to be refreshing especially in a suspense novel. Overall, this was a breathtaking novel full of romance and intrigue. I enjoyed it very much.

Reviewed in March 2003 by Jen.

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