by Lorraine Heath

January 2009
ISBN: 978-0-06-135564-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Author Lorraine Heath takes readers back to the streets of London for her second book in the Scoudrels of St. James series. Introduced in In Bed with the Devil, Jack Dodger immediately snared readers interest with his disdain of the ton and his eagerness to divest them of their fortunes. In this book, he will gain much more than riches.

Jack has been called to the reading of a will. Not a usual event for the gambling den owner, and especially not in such grand surroundings. He has no idea why the Duke of Lovingdon would include him in the proceedings, but he is curious enough to attend.

The devil is in her home. That was the first thought that popped into Olivia's head when she saw the notorious Jack Dodger in her parlor. Why was he here? Surely her late husband had not gambled. He was a most upright and sober gentleman. What could possibly interest the proprietor of the most infamous salon in London?

The duke did not frequent his establishment nor did Jack have any dealings with him except for a few rare occasions. Why on earth has he appointed Jack to be the guardian of his five-year-old heir? Was the duke stark-raving mad? Jack is just as stunned as the widow when the bequests are read. How will they manage to get along well enough to see to Henry's well-being?

Between the Devil and Desire starts off with a bang and steadily drives readers to its breathless conclusion. There is plenty of emotion, fireworks and heat as two stubborn people are drawn kicking and screaming to each other. Jack's life on the streets has left him wary of others, and his acquisitiveness is legendary. Olivia has always put duty first. Can she go after what she really wants?

I loved this book. The characters were so real and believable I could almost hear them speaking. Ms. Heath has lent all her skill to this story, and I can hardly wait to see how the series concludes.

Reviewed in December 2008 by Paula.

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