by Annette Blair

October 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7384-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

An Unforgettable Rogue is the second book in Annette Blairís Rogues series, where the the story centres round Bryceson, Duke of Hawksworth.

Bryceson was thought to have died at the Battle Of Waterloo. He survived and returned to England eleven months later to claim Alexandra, the bride he left behind. Alexandra is about to wed again when her departed husband stops the ceremony!

This is a wonderful follow up to An Undeniable Rogue. The reader gets to revisit Gideon and Sabrina and their delightful twins. Once again the author has created delightfully memorable characters. Bryceson is everything a Rogue should be! Handsome, and strong with a great sexual chemistry.

Alexandra is a lovely heroine with a mission in life - to get Bryceson to admit he has fallen in love with her. No easy task as he thinks Alexandra would be better off without him, but when Alexandra decides to seduce him, the passion is hot and the pace fast! One scene where the heroine gets her husband to rub scented oil over her back because she says she hurt makes the book so hot it nearly ignites! Not only is the romance sexy, the humour in these scenes is wickedly funny.

Annette Blair has a talent for writing children into her books. Here we are introduced to the wonderful Beatrice, who is Brycesonís niece and has a habit of popping up at inappropriate moments when the main characters are getting cosy with each other. Her pet hedgehog tends to appear in odd places too, like Brycesonís soup bowl at one point, which makes for a very funny scene that had me laughing out loud.

Secondary characters, like Brysonís Uncle Gifford and Alexandraís Aunt Hildy, are lovely and support the story quite well.

The whole story is a delight from start to finish. My only complaint is that the story had to end. Go out and buy this book - you wonít be disappointed.

Reviewed in March 2003 by Mary.

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